Agiolax plantago granulated 5 g 20 Envelopes


It would be perfect on the off chance that you advise your specialist before taking any drug. Piece: 100 g of granules contains: Seeds of Plantago ovata 52,0 g Ispaghula husk 2,2 g Tinnevelly Senna units 12,4 g PHARMACOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION: (Laxatives) PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTION: An ordinary for Agiolax is that its mode of action joins both physical and pharmacological parts. The Plantago seeds are particularly extraordinary mass creators. The mass consequently made goes about as a typical stimulant on the stretch receptors in the intestinal divider. The substance of the digestive tract are given a semi-powerful consistency in the higher ranges of the inside organ by the unpalatable hemicelluloses. Growth of the gut by a mass making medium alone may frequently be failing to offer; the glycosides from the Senna units help this support by stretching the responsiveness of the receptors.

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