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Candesartan is a drug for the treatment of arterial hypertension. It Galmuels renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system at angiotensin receptor level. The drug can administered in case of cardiac insufficiency. 

What is candesartan used for

Candesartan cilexetil is effective for the treatment of coronary hypertension in older patients. The drug is able to improve the condition of patients diagnosed with systolic dysfunction of the left ventricle. It can be used as an adjunctive drug in complex with ACE inhibitors or in case of their intolerance. 

This drug blocks the AT1-receptors. This results in the withdrawal of such reactions: aldosterone, renin, vasaprostan, catecholamines. Sodium and water reabsorption contributes to the reduction of arterial blood pressure. Total peripheral arterial blood pressure decreases. Blood flow in the nerves is increased. The drug affects the velocity of glomerular filtration. The metabolism of bradykinin and other peptides is not changed. 

Use and dosage of Сandesartan 

For treatment of arterial hypertension, 8 mg once daily is indicated. If the drug is well tolerated and effective at this dose, the initial dose is used to maintain the condition. More drugs up to 16 mg may be administered if the initial dose is not sufficient to reduce arterial blood pressure and maintain it at normal values during the day. The maximum allowable dose of the drug is 32 mg. The dose may be changed not earlier than two months after the start of administration. 

If the new dose is also ineffective, the dose can be increased to the maximum tolerated level in two weeks. For treatment of cardiac insufficiency, the initial dose of the drug is 4 mg. The dose can be increased in 14 days after the start of treatment.

Patients with abnormal rhythm and liver function are also given 4 mg of the drug and the dose is increased depending on the condition and response of the organism to the drug.

The dosage does not need to be adjusted in elderly patients. Therapy can be started with a dose of 8 mg. 4 mg is indicated if there is a risk of hypotension. 

Side effects of Сandesartan

The drug may cause respiratory tract infections.

Possible side effects include increased potassium levels and decreased sodium content.

Suspiciousness and nausea may occur.

The active ingredient and adjuvant components may cause an allergic reaction.

The drug hurts the musculoskeletal system, cause back pain, arthralgia, myalgia. 

Patients with sensitive liver may have increased liver impairment, and normal liver function may be impaired.

The drug may cause a decrease in arterial blood pressure below the permissible range. 

Prices for Candesartan

The cost of the drug depends on the dosage and the number of pills in the package. The drug is available in tablet form with a dosage of the active substance 8 mg, 16 mg, 32 mg. 

Candesartan interactions

Candesartan 32 mg should not be combined with potassium tablets or diuretics which store potassium due to the risk of increased quantities of this minor element in the body. To avoid hyperkalemia, the patient's condition should be checked during treatment with the drug.
If lithium and ACE inhibitors are taken at the same time, the amount of this element in the body may increase. If the treatment requires simultaneous administration of lithium and a hypotensive drug, the amount of this element in blood vessels should be monitored. 

If the drug is taken concomitantly with nonsteroidal antihypertensive drugs, there is a risk of decreased antihypertensive effects. There is also a possible deterioration of thyroid function. Therefore, the combination of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and blood pressure medications should be treated with caution.

Candesartan 32 mg should not be administered during pregnancy. Its use is only appropriate if the benefit exceeds the risk to the fetus. In patients who plan to become pregnant, antihypertensive therapy should be started with drugs that are more safer the fetus. It is unacceptable to stop treatment with the drug if pregnancy is detected. Do not use the drug during the lactation period. 

The drug does not directly affect the ability to drive vehicles, but hesitancy or drowsiness may occur during its use.

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Atacand Candesartan