Bedoyecta Tri Injectable 5 syringes


Treatment of deficiency of B vitamins will prevent many different diseases, strengthening the general condition of the body, normalizing metabolic processes in it. Bedoyecta Tri is a medicine used to prevent vitamin deficiencies in the human body. The medicine contributes to the activation of the processes responsible for the generation of energy, its use is relevant when the body has an increased need for vitamin B complexes:

  • Treatment of neuralgia and neuritis;
  • Nutritional exhaustion and a diabetic change in tissues;
  • Alcohol and drug addiction;
  • Toxicological poisoning due to prolonged and uncontrolled intake of drugs;
  • Severe vitamin deficiency, encephalopathy, facial paralysis;

Metabolic changes (diabetic acidosis).

Also, the drug can be used to treat megaloblastic anemia arising from a sharp deficiency of vitamin B12. The tool has worked well in the treatment of various mental disorders associated with a lack of vitamins.

Dosage and administration

The drug is available in ready-to-use form (glass syringes with disposable needles). Used for intramuscular injection. The dosage is 1-2 injections once a week, depending on the severity of the disease and the body's need for B vitamins. In the chronic course of the disease, vitamin B12 deficiency medication is administered 1-2 times a month. The method of application is associated with the prolonged action of the drug and its gradual absorption by the body. Before use, appropriate tests are done for a lack of vitamin complexes in the body. Bedoyecta Tri medication interacts well with other medicines, so it can be used as a complex treatment.


Hypersensitivity to vitamins B1, B6 and B12. You should also refrain from using the medicine while using Levodopa. Contraindication to use is Leber's disease, manifested in a hereditary pathology of the optic nerve. Pregnancy and lactation, for children under 1 year. The action of cyanocobalamin negatively affects the bearing of the fetus, in particular, inhibits the function of neurons, and can cause a newborn to become dependent on pyridoxine. During lactation, thiamine, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin can suppress the secretion of breast milk, cause pain in the chest and harm the newborn baby.

Side effects

Taking Bedoyecta Tri increases the risk of neurological disorders manifested in peripheral sensory nephropathy. Vitamin B12, which is part of the drug, has the ability to mask the presence of megaloblastic anemia due to folate deficiency. In turn, folates are able to hide the deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body. The use of the drug increases the risk of gout in people who have an increased susceptibility to this disease (history should be checked before prescribing). An overdose of the drug can cause impaired liver and kidney function, up to the occurrence of its insufficiency.

Interaction with other medicines

The complex is able to reduce the concentration in the blood plasma of phenytonin and phenobarbital. Bedoyecta Tri antagonists include antirheumatic and antihypertensive drugs, as well as drugs used to treat tuberculosis. All of these groups weaken the effect of the use of vitamin groups. You should also refrain from the simultaneous use of oral contraceptives, immunosuppressants and alcohol.

This generic is widely used to treat the deficiency of vitamin B in the patient’s organism. Bedoyecta is prescribed also in case of problems with metabolic processes. The most common form is the liquid for injections. This way the medical components are better absorbed and provide a faster effect.
Note that some doctors prescribe Bedoyecta Tri for patients with alcohol and drug addiction. The regulation of vitamin D in the organisms brings the most beneficial effect for the weakened immune system of people who have used toxic products for a long period of time.

Recommendations for Proper Application

If you give yourself an injection shot, you should follow some safety rules. You'd better have an assisting friend, but doing everything by yourself is possible too. Here you'll find essential safety recommendations. 
Make sure you keep the place clean. For more cleanliness, prepare a fresh paper towel and wash your hands. 
Wipe your skin and the needle with alcohol. Let it get dry. 
To connect the needle with the syringe, twist and push it gently so as not to lose the B12. 
Before injecting, press the syringe a bit to remove all air from it. 
Hold the skin with your two fingers to eliminate sudden moves. 
The angle of the needle should be 90 degrees and don’t forget to keep the syringe with inyectable Bedoyecta (injectable) tightly.
Those recommendations are suitable for Bedoyecta Tri only. Generics, other pharmaceutical forms might have other instructions. Alternative Pharmaceutical

Forms of Bedoyecta Tri

Inyectable Bedoyecta is not the only pharmaceutical form presented on the market. With different needs, look at capsules, with vitamin B12 as a part of the multivitamin complex (1 to 3 capsules daily).
However, this form is not as effective and shouldn’t be taken the same as Bedoyecta inyecciones. It is most effective when delivered to the blood directly. All B12 preparations are sold in this form in the US. We strongly advise you to take inyectable Bedoyecta to receive real help for severe vitamin deficiency.

Other Recommendations

Do not intake Bedoyecta Tri with:

  • paracetamol; 
  • aspirin;
  • alcohol;
  • CNS depressants;
  • ritonavir.

Always consult with your doctor to eliminate risks and never overtake the prescribed dose. Notice all changes in your behavior and well-being that may be connected with the preparation. Tell your doctor to change the dose or stop taking injections.

Additionally to Bedoyecta inyecciones, other B12 containing medicals are presented on the med market. Among them are Tiaminal Trivalente or Vitamin Complex. When you order Bedoyecta inyecciones, remember that it is a Mexican preparation. The major part of the instructions is probably going to be in Spanish. Please be sure that you will translate it correctly to exclude mistakes in the appliance.


If you need an alternative or have some questions about Bedoyecta Tri, ask your healthcare specialist. Only a competent expert (a doctor) will provide the most detailed information about the generic you are seeking and explain aspects of intaking it.

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I used Bedoyecta Tri for a vitamin B deficiency. After 5 injections, I feel revitalized. Easy to use, fast-acting, and well-packaged. Highly recommend for those needing a B-vitamin boost.
Bedoyecta Tri\'s injectable B-vitamins gave me a noticeable energy boost. Convenient packaging with 5 syringes. Great for combating fatigue. A game-changer for my vitamin regimen.
Bedoyecta Tri should be good

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