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Desonide cream

Desonide cream is a drug for topical use. It belongs to the group of glucocorticosteroids. The medication has an anti-inflammatory effect. It relieves itching and narrows the blood vessels. Effective in skin diseases accompanied by rashes.

What is Desonide cream used for?

Desonide is prescribed to treat psoriasis. It’s effective in eczema of various types. It also helps reduce the manifestations of atopic, contact, and seborrheic dermatitis. Improves skin conditions for dermatitis of the hands. Relieves itching and redness. Helps eliminate manifestations of allergic reactions of various nature.

The main active ingredient of Desonide in a dose of 0.05% based on citric acid. There are also auxiliary substances in the composition.

Use of Desonide cream

Desonide cream should be applied to clean skin. The affected area should be washed with soap or other detergent and wiped with a clean towel before application. Apply a thin layer of the medication only on the affected area. Avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes. Be sure after application to wash your hands.

The effect of the drug appears in two weeks. If during this time there is no improvement, you should see your doctor again and change the prescription. Apply the cream should be 2-3 times depending on the course of the disease. Specific recommendations for use are given by a doctor after a thorough examination.

The drug is only suitable for external use. It can’t be used without a doctor's prescription. The affected area after application must not be squeezed or covered without the special recommendations of the doctor. If the cream accidentally comes into contact with the mucosa, rinse it with water. Special cosmetics can be applied to the affected area, but before doing so, cleanse it of drug residues. If you have an allergic reaction to the drug or its individual components, consult a doctor.

Preparations for external use do not affect the effect of drugs taken internally. But before starting therapy, it is necessary to tell the doctor about all the drugs taken by the patient to avoid unwanted allergic reactions and interactions. Glucocorticosteroids may be combined with medications for internal use to improve the effectiveness of topical glucocorticosteroids.

Desonide side effects

Desonide cream 0.05 may cause tingling and itching in 8% of cases. Contact dermatitis, redness, and exfoliation of the skin occur much less frequently, in about 2-3% of cases. Adverse reactions may occur at the beginning of treatment and disappear after a few days of application and do not require the withdrawal of the drug. If any manifestation of a severe allergic reaction to the drug occurs, you should immediately contact your doctor to change the treatment regimen. Immediately react if along with the skin manifestations of allergy the patient has dizziness, blurred vision, mood swings, problems with sleep. Very rarely, topical glucocorticosteroids can lead to weight gain. More often, the side effects disappear completely after withdrawal of the drug and do not require special treatment. In particularly severe cases, the doctor prescribes symptomatic treatment. The drug is contraindicated if individual intolerance of individual components of the drug. Its use should be discontinued during pregnancy and during lactation. Glucocorticosteroids are not recommended for the treatment of patients under 12 years of age.

Desonide acne cream

Desonide 0.05 refers to mild corticosteroids that have a mild anti-inflammatory effect and reduce redness. It can only treat acne after consulting a doctor and making an individual treatment plan. As a rule, the drug is prescribed in combination with other means for the treatment of acne.

Does Desonide cream lighten the skin?

Desonide cream 0.05% reduces redness and the appearance of various skin diseases. However, it should not be used to treat age spots or to lighten certain areas of skin. Any use not as directed should be supervised by a doctor.

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