Diprospan Hypak Jga Betamethasone 1 ml


Diprospan Hypak Jga Betamethasone 1 ml

The main active components of the drug are: betamethasone sodium phosphate and dipropionate, in dosages of 2.63 and 6.43 mg / ml, respectively. The medicine is produced in the form of a suspension in a plastic container. 1 ml syringe with one or two needles. Before the introduction of the drug, the suspension before use is thoroughly shaken, which contributes to better absorption of the substance in the body.

Pharmacological properties

Betamethasone sodium phosphate and dipropionate is considered an effective glucocorticoid obtained synthetically. The drug stimulates immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory action in the body, prevents allergic reactions. The distribution of active components occurs through the membranes of the cell structure, they have a specific effect on the cytoplasm receptors. The active components penetrate directly into the cell nucleus, stimulate the process of protein synthesis through a direct effect on the synthesis of carbohydrates, lipids and protein. In pharmacodynamics, the beneficial effect of the active component on the cardiovascular and Central nervous system, bone and muscle tissue was noted.

Yet, the main effect of the drug is its effect on inflammatory and immune processes in the body, which makes it popular in therapeutic treatment. Diprospan helps to reduce the number of immune cells in the body, inhibit phagocytosis and the production of alternative chemical compounds. Its anti-inflammatory effect is approximately 25 times stronger than the same effect from the use of hydrocartisone, or 10 times higher than the action of prednisone (with a similar amount of the drug). The direct effect on the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates contributes to the appearance of protein catabolism. In the structure of the liver, amino acids are released, which are converted under the action of the active substance into glucose and glycogen. The work of the drug can provoke hyperglycemia in patients with diabetes mellitus.


Betamethasone is absorbed mainly in the places of its introduction into the body, has a local effect and a systemic therapeutic effect of prolonged action. The drug is well soluble in water and absorbed in the body, which contributes to its rapid effect after administration. At the injection site, a kind of "depot" of active components is formed, the delayed absorption contributes to the long-term action, the elimination of existing symptoms for a long period of time. The metabolic processes of betamethasone occur in the liver, respectively, in violation of the function of the organ, the presence of certain diseases, clearance will be slower.

Indications for use

The use of corticosteroids is considered as an extra treatment method rather than an alternative to traditional therapy. Among the main types of diseases, the Diprospan Hypak Jga Betamethasone 1 ml can be prescribed in the following situations:


 Indications for use (before use, a doctor's consultation is required)

 Dermatological diseases

 This category should include various types of dermatitis and eczema, neurodermatitis, lichens, skin rashes, focal baldness of the head, lupus, psoriasis, herpes, acne, colloidal scars.

 Rheumatic pathology

 Acute rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, spondylitis, gout, bone inflammation, foot disease and cysts.

 Allergic condition

 Bronchial asthma, hay fever, bronchitis with allergic etiology, neurological edema, contact dermatitis, reptile and insect bites.

 Collagen, cancer and other diseases

 Palliative therapy for leukemia to reduce the body's resistance, organ transplantation, gastrointestinal ulcer



Dosage and regimens of the drug is set individually, depending on the stage and severity of the disease. The dose is set as low as possible, and the period of application of the drug is the smallest. If during a certain period there is no effect from the use of the drug, its use is discontinued. In the case of a positive result, the initial dose is gradually reduced to a reasonable minimum. Diprospan suspension is administered only intramuscularly, its intravenous or subcutaneous administration is not allowed.

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