Herklin NF Sol Phenothrin Lidocaine 60 ml


Merciful guidance your specialist before taking any pharmaceutical. Substance: Phenothrin and Lidocaine. Depiction: Herklin *, on account of its convincing and effective element altering, acts effectively and successfully, at any rate, a singular application is sufficient to maintain a strategic distance from and treat both scabies and pediculosis. A therapeutic suitability is ran as one with Herklin * charming interest and presentation and application, as it is the first scabicide and pediculicide requiring oily substances and is displayed in a restorative, while leaving a fresh, clean smell. Signs: Mange, Pediculus capitis and corporis, Pediculus pubis. Unreasonable trickiness to chlorinated hydrocarbons. Security measures: Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and mucous. Keep out of scope of young people. As demonstrated by the pro, in the occasion of coincidental ingestion, perform gastric lavage with saline or started charcoal. Reactions: In fragile contact dermatitis may happen, in spite of the way that this is remarkable because the presentation time is short. Bearings: For scabies: Rub Herklin * body lotion beginning from the neck. Wash with Herklin * Shampoo the accompanying morning each application. For head lice: Rub night impacted zones (head, body and pubic) with Herklin * Lotion. The accompanying morning wash with Herklin * Shampoo. A lone strategy is practical. Reafírmese treatment with an alternate application through 5 day.

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