Feldene Piroxicam

rn In the event that its not indeed inconvenience advise your specialist before taking any drug. Brand name: Feldene Generic name: Piroxicam Why is Feldene suggested? Feldene, a nonsteroidal cooling prescription, is used to lessen the disturbance, swelling, solidness, and joint torment associated with rheumatoid joint irritation and osteoarthritis (the most generally perceived kind of joint agony). It is embraced both for sudden flare-ups and for long term treatment. Feldena may moreover be used for purposes other than those recorded in this medication guide.

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Gel 5% 60 gr, Facicam 10 mg 40 Caps, 20 mg 20 Caps, generic 20 mg 40 Caps
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Feldene Piroxicam
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Feldene Piroxicam