Levemir FlexPen 5 pre filled pen 100U/3 ml


In the event that its not greatly inconvenience direct your specialist before taking any pharmaceutical. Not Shipped refrigerated. answer for injection.(insulin detemir rdna) Dosage structure: Each ml of answer for imbuement contains: Insulin detemir rdna * 100 U (14.2 mg) Vehicle c.b.p. 1 ml. * Produced by recombinant DNA designing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. One unit of insulin detemir contains 0.142 mg of insulin detemir anhydrous salt free. One unit (U) of insulin detemir contrasts with a UI human insulin. 1 cartridge/ prefilled pen contains 3 ml relative to 300 U. Confirmations: Treatment of diabetes mellitus: LEVEMIR ® is a dissolvable basal insulin straightforward with a level movement profile and obvious, postponed timeframe of effect. Differentiated and diverse insulins, concentrated help with Levemir ® is associated with less weight get. The lower threat of evening time hypoglycaemia differentiated and distinctive insulins allows more raised estimations to achieve the desired levels of blood glucose Levemir ® gives better glycemic control, measured by the levels of fasting plasma glucose, differentiated and treatment with NPH in

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