Tamsulosin Generic 0.40 mg 20 Caps


Benevolent insight your specialist before taking any pharmaceutical. Non particular Name: tamsulosin (oral) (tam soo LO sin) Brand Names: Flomax Spanish Name: Secotex What is tamsulosin? Tamsulosin is in a social affair of solutions called alpha-adrenergic (AL-fa notice ren-ER-jik) blockers. Tamsulosin loosens up your veins and supply courses so blood can more successfully pass through them. It similarly loosens up the muscles in the prostate and bladder neck, making it less requesting to urinate. Tamsulosin is used to improve pee in men with acommodating prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). Tamsulosin may similarly be used for purposes other than those recorded in this medication guide.

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