Tesalon Benzonatate 100 mg 20 pearls


Non particular NAME: benzonatate Each spot contains : Benzonatate . 100 mg Excipient cbp 1 softgel Each suppository contains : Benzonatate . 50 and 100 mg Excipient 1 expansion THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS: • Antitussive . • dry irritative hack in light of diverse reasons and bronchitis of grouped etiology . • irritative hack joined with bronchopulmonary and pleuropulmonary diseases ,, for instance, pneumonia , pleurisy , pneumonic tuberculosis, pneumoconiosis and respiratory tract tumors . Pharmacokinetics HUMAN : Benzonatate anesthetize acts by chance " hack receptors " found in the flight course , lung and pleura , hosing its activity and , thusly , diminish the hack reflex from its source . Transmission moreover covers hack stream by a central segment at the level of the bone . In studies it has similarly been exhibited to have soothing development when associated topically on mucous layers. Begins its development in the lungs 15 to 20 minutes after association and its effect continues going 3-8 hours. Benzonatate has no inhibitory effects on respiratory at proposed estimations centers. Transfer is basically through urinary release metabolites. Contraindications • Hypersensitivity to the element and/ or related substances ( adjacent narcotics, for instance, procaine ) substance. • Pearls and 50 mg suppositories are contraindicated in adolescents under 10 years. • 100 mg suppositories are contraindicated in adolescents under 12 years. Shields: Pearls Tesalon ® will swallow down and should not be beat or bit , for the most part a brutality in th

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