Travatan Travaprost Sol 2.5 ml 0.004%


TRAVATANMR ( travoprost ophthalmic game plan ) is a dissolvable acetilnitrilo , methanol , octanol and chloroform course of action smooth pale to imperceptibly yellow transparent color . TRAVOPROST Instill one drop once a day in the affected eye . TRAVATANMR ophthalmic course of action can be used cooperatively with distinctive things for cutting down intraocular weight . If more than one ophthalmic course of action is used by 5 minutes should be allowed between applications to keep the washing philosophy of the second substance granted . Keep the container immovably close at room temperature not surpassing 25 ° C. TRAVATANMR ophthalmic game plan was not associated with progressions in exploration office tests of clinical vitality. Travoprost 40 ug TRAVATANMR ( travoprost ophthalmic course of action ) is a sterile , for all expectations and reason insoluble in water plan . The ph of this thing has been fit in with match the physiological ph of tears ; Also , this thing has been phenomenally figured to be iso -osmotic , to streamline comfort or welfare got after visual instillatio

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