Bactrim Trimetho/Sulfame


Bactrim Trimetho / Sulfame

This generic consists of two main components that produce an antibacterial effect – trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole plus one more active agent - Sulfame. Bactrim Trimetho / Sulfame is the brand name that is also often accompanied with such abbreviations as SXT, TMP, TMP-Sulfa. The drug is notable for its efficiency against bacterial infections. The Bactrim / Sulfame generic stops the bacteria growth and kills microbes in the human organism.

Doctors prescribe the drug with sulfameth-trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole active agents to patients with severe forms of bronchitis, urine infections, shigellosis, etc. Bactrim Trimetho / Sulfame provides an antibacterial effect and is used for the treatment of pneumonia, tuberculosis, and Whipple disease.

Bactrim Pharmaceutical Forms

As the generic is the combination of three powerful antibiotics – sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, and sulfamethoxazole, Bactrim Trimetho / Sulfame is presented on the pharma market in different forms. It is possible to purchase pills to take the drug orally or substances for injections to administer the medication subdermally. The antibacterial generic can contain:

  • 80 or 160 trimethoprim;

  • 400 or 800 sulfamethoxazole;

  • Inactive components (docusate sodium, magnesium, maize starch, silica, etc,).

There are blisters with 14, 20, 28, and 30 pills in one drug package. The doctor prescribes the most optimal Bactrim Trimetho/Sulfame pharmaceutical form according to the disease and the dosage schedule.  

How to Take Bactrim?

The average dosage for adult patients is 2 pills every day with a break of at least 10-12 hours. The generic is taken orally with some amount of water. The patient can use Bactrim during or after the meals. The drug is absorbed fast – the antibacterial agents become active in 30-40 minutes after the Bactrim intake.

It is recommended to take one pill in the morning during or after breakfast and the second one – in the evening during or after dinner. It is worth mentioning that sulfameth trimethoprim 800 mg is seldom prescribed for teenagers and children. To treat bacterial infections, doctors usually prescribe Bactrim Trimetho / Sulfame with 80/400 content proportions. 

Possible Side Effects & Overdosage

As a powerful antibiotic, Bactrim Trimetho / Sulfame can have side effects when it comes to the treatment course and regular taking of the drug product. That is why it is important to consult healthcare specialists about the recommended dosage and possible peripheral aspects of your treatment. Do not decide yourself on intaking this generic for home-based therapy against acne, listeria, malaria, etc.

Among the most average side effects that can complement the Bactrim treatment course are:

  • Fatigue;

  • Insomnia;

  • Absence of appetite;

  • Rash.

The overdose is more dangerous than any of the adverse effects listed above. If the patient takes too many pills a day, more serious symptoms like trouble breathing and other signs of respiratory toxicity take place.

Quantity in a package
F Generic 160/800 mg 28 Tabs, F Septrim Septra DS 160/800 mg 28 tabs, F Septrim Septra DS 160/800 mg 14 tabs, Septrim Septra 80/400 mg 30 tab, Septrim Septra Generic 80/400 mg 20 tab
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Bactrim Trimetho/Sulfame
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Bactrim Trimetho/Sulfame