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Buy Anti Bacterial Medication Online - Mexico Pharmacy

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that inhabit our planet, many of them have a pathogenic effect on the human body, causing a number of serious diseases. Before the advent of antibacterial drugs, many diseases caused by bacterial infections were considered fatal, and injuries and injuries significantly more often led to death. The invention of antibiotics allowed us not only to defeat a number of serious diseases (in the 19th century, every fourth inhabitant of Europe was sick with syphilis), but also to significantly extend the average human lifespan. The value of antibiotics was adequately evaluated during the course of military conflicts; their presence significantly reduced losses, reducing mortality from injuries and diseases.

Where can I buy antibacterial drugs?

The sale of antibiotics is carried out in almost all pharmacies. Among the existing proposals, there are prescription and non-prescription groups of drugs. Antibiotics are in the form of tablets, capsules, powder for dilution before injection and a liquid consistency. Methods for taking medications can be:

  • Local method. Treatment of wounds, burns, treatment of surgical suture sites;
  • Oral. Internal administration of tablets;
  • Intramuscular and intravenous method.

Antibacterial drugs, what you need to know?

Uncontrolled use of antibiotics can lead to serious consequences, cause irreparable harm to the body. It is advisable to take medications of this group only when prescribed by a doctor. It is also important to observe the entire therapeutic cycle, not to stop taking the drug even with the onset of visible recovery and the absence of symptoms. It is common for bacteria to get used to the action of antibacterial agents, eventually developing immunity to them. This trend leads to the need to increase dosages and the release of drugs with an extended spectrum of action.

Along with pathogenic microflora in the body from the action of antibiotics, the intestinal flora dies, namely bacteria that are directly involved in digestion. This side effect leads to the need to subsequently restore the flora. Ideally, when prescribing antibacterial drugs, a laboratory study should be conducted on the subject of the sensitivity of the detected pathogen to one of the groups of antibiotics. In reality, such a study is carried out only in severe forms of various diseases, for the need for urgent therapeutic measures.

Is there an alternative to antibacterial drugs?

To date, a worthy replacement for antibiotics does not exist. There are developments by scientists suggesting the use of viruses (macrophages) to destroy bacteria. However, this method has not received widespread use, it also does not provide long-term preservation of drugs and prolonged action on the body, that is, actively acting on the causative agent of the disease after a long time after administration. Another alternative is drugs that strengthen the human immune system, allowing him to independently resist the action of pathogenic microflora. This method has proven itself as a prophylaxis, however, it is advisable to use antibacterial drugs for treatment. In the modern world there are not many people who have not used antibacterial agents in their lives. Thanks to this group of drugs, many infections have ceased to carry a mortal danger to the human body.