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What medicines are suitable for babies and children?

Caring for a baby, in the early days of his life, requires special attention from parents. The baby has not yet adapted to the full survival in the surrounding world full of bacteria and viruses, after the womb of the mother. Most drug manufacturers indicate the need to limit their admission to children, thereby insuring themselves against possible consequences. Therefore, if you really need medicines for babies that do not harm his body, you should take a responsible approach to their choice. Medications must be taken as prescribed by a doctor and strictly correspond to the age of the infant. It is also important to pay attention to the shelf life of drugs and to observe the correct dosage, as a rule, it is calculated based on the weight of the child.

What are the conditions of the baby are the reason for taking drugs?

Severe pain, fever, viral infection, as a result of which the child cannot fall asleep and rest properly, you must buy medicine for babies and their subsequent use. If the baby does not rest normally, his condition will only worsen. Most drugs are aimed at relieving symptoms and strengthening the body's immunity. Purchased drugs must be kept out of reach of children. On a subconscious state, the child regards the medicine as something positive, which helped him to get rid of an unpleasant disease, so he may well want to eat another pill or drink syrup. If a child has a congenital disease (asthma, diabetes, heart disease), it is necessary to take into account possible contraindications indicated in the instructions for its use, then buy medicines for babies.

Analgesic and antipyretic drugs for children

Paracetamol or ibuprofen is often prescribed, they can be used by children who have reached the age of two months and weighing more than 5 kg. Medicines for babies come in special forms of syrup that are pleasant to the taste. If in the course of treatment, a child has an adverse allergic reaction in the form of skin rashes, you should consult a pediatrician for advice and temporarily stop taking the drug.

Antibiotics for children

Most childhood infections are caused by viruses, while antibiotics treat diseases caused by bacteria. When taking antibiotics, an important factor in the treatment and care of the baby is the obligatory observance of the entire course of taking the drugs, even if the baby has already improved much the next day. Premature termination of the course may cause the return of the infection and the development of resistance to this group of antibiotics in bacteria. Antibacterial drugs act more efficiently if taken at regular intervals.

How to give medicine to a child?

After you buy medicine for babies, carefully read the instructions, paying particular attention to the frequency of administration and dosage. If you have any questions or concerns, consult your pediatrician. Most medicines for babies provide for the presence of a special measuring container (oral syringe, spoon, cup), which allows you to accurately measure small doses of the drug.

Possible side effects

The instructions for use of the drug lists all possible side effects of its use. If a child has an allergic reaction or diarrhea, you should seek the advice of a doctor, perhaps the indicated drug does not suit your baby. It is also important not to exceed the prescribed dose, which can cause many adverse reactions.