Nene Dent Gel Lidocaine & Polidocanol 10 g


Generous direction your specialist before taking any medication. Non particular NAME: Lidocaine Polidocanol . Supportive INDICATIONS: Local balmy and topical torment assuaging , partner in the treatment of bothering and shivering of the gums in the midst of the launch of the fundamental dentition of adolescents. Pharmacokinetics HUMAN : Lidocaine is an aminoethylamide used to stifle the period and transmission of nerve main thrusts , catching up on Na + channels of the cell layer of nerve strands. Produces a fast, great and more persisting than other neighborhood analgesics narcotic effect. No action persists plasma esterases and is metabolized basically in the liver, released in pee. Lidocaine (pka 7.85 to 7.9 ) is used as salt , lidocaine hydrochloride ; under physiological conditions , the cation is released to structure the free base. Navigate sodium channels by dispersal, thusly protonated and binds to receptors on the open Na + channels , which achieves its effect. The stream of sodium is lessened in delicate nerve structures . As an issue , the movement potential and the transmission of the jar are limited . Polidocanol , or polyethylene glycol dodecyl ether , containing a typical of nine ethylene oxide units with a sub-nuclear weight of 600 . Polidocanol is a surface element substance used as an issue balmy , which furthermore catches up on the layer to reducing the vulnerability of sodium particles high obsessions moreover the permeability of potassium particles . As demonstrated by the gathering of polidocanol , the affectability of the nerve fibers is diminished , being reversible and restricted effect . Particularly , the vibe of desolation , moreover the slant of weight, touch , hotness and cool is diminished. NENE -DENT ® Gel is free of added substances and alcohol. Gum joined basically not ingeste

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