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The use of natural products and herbal medicines in medicine

Natural products should be considered natural components used to maintain and promote health. In this category, you can include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs. These components can be produced in various forms, can have the status of a drug or be considered as an effective biological additive. Natural products complement food, but can not be its full substitute. Before the development of the modern chemical industry, the vast majority of drugs were made on the basis of natural ingredients. Modern medicines are improved analogues of natural derivatives, they have a longer shelf life, the ability to calculate the exact dosage, and the best effect on the human body. Among the negative factors of chemical drugs, we should recognize the presence of a large list of side effects, which is practically not observed among drugs made on a natural basis.

Should I buy medicines from natural products?

The choice of drugs depends on the disease, the degree of its development and the general condition of the patient. Predominantly natural products are used for general strengthening of the body, improving immunity, in restoring and rehabilitating the body. They can also be used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of a number of chronic diseases as a catalyst for a therapeutic effect. The action of natural products has a prolonged effect, increasing after a certain period, after the start of reception. In acute conditions of the disease, their use will be ineffective. A good result shows the use of natural products as a preventive measure of the occurrence of a number of pathologies, by increasing the overall body resistance.

What effect does a drug from natural products have?

Throughout the existence of mankind, the basis for the manufacture of medicines were exclusively natural ingredients. At the same time, they not only strengthened their health, but also treated most of the existing diseases. Over time, natural products became the basis for the synthesis of modern chemical drugs. Natural products have the following effects:

  • Normalize the body's need for vitamins and trace elements, their deficiency (vitamin deficiency) is considered to cause a number of pathological changes in the body;
  • Stimulate the activation of the body's natural regenerative processes, slow down aging, improve brain activity;
  • Medicines from natural products effectively treat cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urinary and other diseases.

A healthy lifestyle and treatment with exclusively natural products is experiencing a real boom in the world today. Most of these funds are sold in the form of a non-prescription, which greatly simplifies access to their purchase. Natural products do well with fever, cure infectious disease, heal wounds. Herbal products normalize intestinal function, being an effective prevention of constipation.

We should not regard natural products as a panacea for all diseases, completely abandoning the traditional dosage forms. Also, it should not be considered that all herbs are equally safe for the body; if the permissible dosage of the natural component is exceeded, it is possible to achieve the opposite effect.