Lecithin with Kelp 0.79g 200 caps


Please consult your physician before taking any medication. Soy lecithin: This oil is rich in minerals, and contains Vitamin A, B Complex, Vitamins E and K so it has properties preventive and curative for some alterations in the organism. It works as an excellent agent for weight control. Mobilizes and burns fat. Helps reduce cholesterol by preventing buildup in the arteries. seaweed Rich in vitamins and minerals. Aids are against all diseases caused by deficiency mineral salts. Helps assimilation of essential substances. silicon Stimulates the formation of bone and cartilage. Fighting osteoporosis. Its deficiency may cause not only alterations in bone and cartilage, but Also lack of elasticity in the skin and Fall hair. vitamin B6: Is essential for growth. Helps properly assimilate proteins, carbohydrates, fats and manufacture defenses and red blood cells. Prevents diseases and skin nerve. Its deficiency causes nervousness, depression, weakness and disorder in the skin, when lack favors formation arteriosclerosis Apple Vinegar: Helps in weight control, improving digestion of fats. Intestinal makes debugging because the acetic acid to which has therefore malignant bacteria die before his contact Help fight constipation since increases bowel movement, also has great power "quenching". Useful as a diuretic, causing low acidity making it suitable for stomachs delicate. It also improves circulation blood and helps maintain cholesterol to normal levels.

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