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Anthelmintic drugs for humans

Helminthiasis is widespread and is diagnosed in patients of different ages. You can get infected with worms when working with soil, caring for Pets, or eating food that has not undergone sufficient heat treatment. Any worm infestation leaves an imprint on the state of human health. The main symptoms include intestinal disorders, allergic reactions, and chronic fatigue. Timely diagnosed helminthiasis successfully respond to treatment. Traditionally, broad-spectrum anthelmintic drugs are considered the most effective for humans. These drugs are valued for their ability to eliminate different types of parasitic worms, which is necessary for complex infestations.

The purpose of antihelminthic drugs is to remove worms from the human body.

Helminths – "worms", anti - "against". Modern medicines have a wide and narrow spectrum of action for humans. There are chemical preparations made by synthesis and medicines of plant origin. The article provides recommendations for patients and their relatives, provides popular and proven medicines, gives a description, reviews of real people.

Before getting acquainted with each drug, it is recommended to read important instructions.


Classification of drugs against parasites

Worms can settle in different human organs and do not manifest themselves for a long time. This is due to the parasitic lifestyle of helminths. Worms most often do not have their own digestive system, and all the nutrients they get through the surface of the body. As a result, the infected person experiences a lack of organic compounds, gradually loses weight, but the appetite is preserved.


To cure helminthosis, you need to take specialized medications aimed at removing parasites from human organs and tissues. When choosing a medication, you should take into account the type of parasite that provokes the development of unpleasant symptoms. Doctors explain that all anthelmintic drugs for people are divided into several groups depending on their area of action.


Anthelmintic drugs with broad spectrum of action

Drugs that are equally effective against different types of parasites are considered universal assistants in the treatment of infestations. Their main advantage is that they work when assistance needs to be provided in an emergency.

Without such tools, you can not do in cases where the invasion is complex, that is, a person suffers from infection with both tapeworms and roundworms.

The mechanism of operation of the vast majority of drugs is associated with a violation of metabolic processes in worms. After the active components of anthelmintic agents enter the patient's bloodstream, the worms lose the ability to get food, and then die. Then they leave the human intestines in a dead state.

The group of broad-spectrum medications includes many well-known drugs.

Often, specialists prescribe:

  • Albendazole;
  • Mebendazol;
  • Amefin;
  • Biltricide;
  • Eskazole;
  • Sencidazole;
  • Nematol;
  • Zentel;
  • Vermoxum;
  • Vermeer;
  • Canexel.


Preparatory stage and purification

To successfully eliminate helminthosis, follow the recommendations of a parasitologist or infectious disease specialist. As a rule, in 3-5 days, the patient should prepare the intestines for cleaning from worms with the help of enterosorbents, castor oil or similar means as prescribed by a doctor. On the eve of taking an anthelmintic drug, you should limit your food intake, do not use fatty, smoked, meat, or salted foods.

It is necessary to adhere to the treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor, observing the dosage of drugs, the time of administration. Possible side effects, intoxication. If you experience serious ailments, you should consult a doctor for advice.

Chemical anthelmintic drugs are toxic to humans compared to herbal antiparasitic drugs.


Parasitologists warn that such drugs are difficult to call absolutely safe. The active ingredients themselves are metabolized in the liver and partially in the kidneys, almost without affecting the work of these organs. The threat is posed by toxic decay products released during mass death of worms inside the human body. To avoid serious poisoning, doctors recommend taking safe sorbents - Smecta, POLYSORB, Enterosgel.


The relevance of the issue

Currently on the shelves of pharmacies there are more than a hundred names of antihelminthic drugs for humans, and this is not accidental: as shown by medical research, there are about 240 parasites, infection of which in different conditions is likely to varying degrees. The human body is an excellent habitat for such an agent. Catching the infection is easy, it is possible for any person, even carefully and carefully observing the rules of personal hygiene. Of course, dirty hands are the easiest way to get a malicious agent into the human body, but they do not exhaust everything. You can easily get infected through food if you do not wash the products thoroughly enough, as well as through contact with Pets. To prevent infection, you should carefully follow the rules of hygiene, process meat at high temperatures, and minimize contact with any animals. Helminths live in the ground, and their eggs can easily enter the digestive tract along with water, if you do not filter and boil it carefully.


As soon as the malicious agent has entered the human body, the process of reproduction begins. Each species chooses an organ that best meets its requirements for habitat conditions. For most parasites, the most convenient is the intestine, where the colony reproduces. The female parasite, maturing (usually this happens on the 80th day), can lay eggs. If the adult body itself is quite sensitive to anthelmintic drugs for a wide range of human actions, then not every composition will help against eggs and larvae. Sometimes the treatment is delayed for a long time.


Why are anthelmintics important?

The infected person becomes the source of the infectious agent. Parasite eggs released from the body contaminate hands, clothing, and objects that come into contact with in everyday conditions. You can transmit the infection to an animal and other people, including in the process of cooking. If parasites are found in at least one family member, all people living with them need a systematic therapeutic course. Taking antihelminthic drugs must be done strictly under the supervision of a doctor. Especially different in this regard, pinworms, infection of those around them occurs quite quickly.


The primary symptoms

We can assume that there is a need for antihelminthic drugs for a person with a wide effect, if you are worried about weakness, often feel sick, and feel dizzy. In people with parasites, increased gas formation develops, and rashes on the skin are possible. In some forms of infection, a dry cough appears. As medical statistics show, signs are often misinterpreted. This is not surprising, because the symptoms are blurred, and similar manifestations are common to numerous health problems. It is absolutely impossible to diagnose infection with parasites on your own.

You can suspect the presence of helminths in a child by the creaking of teeth in a dream. In General, symptoms in adults and children are similar, depending not on the age, but on the type of malicious agent that infected the person. Much is determined by the individual reaction of the body. Some internal systems and organs are very sensitive to intoxication, while others carry the disease quite easily. In case of initial suspicion of infection, you should not choose broad-spectrum antihelminthic drugs in the pharmacy yourself. It is reasonable to contact a doctor for a full examination. Modern methodologies allow us to accurately determine the presence of the parasite in the laboratory study of organic secretions of the human body. Based on the information received, the doctor will choose the most effective name from the huge pharmacy range.


In time and the right way

It is not always possible to suspect infection soon after the parasite enters the body. Often the current is hidden at first. Different forms of infectious agents manifest themselves in different ways, at different times. Some can be noticed in a week, others in a year. The most accurate method of detecting infection is an analysis, on the basis of which the doctor will prescribe medicine. When choosing, remember that not all medications that are allowed for adults are suitable for the treatment of children. When purchasing broad-acting anthelmintic drugs, it is necessary not only to consult a specialist, but also to carefully examine the instructions for the selected option.