Ketoprofen Profenid

rn Sympathetic advice your specialist before taking any medication. Brand name: Orudis (Spanish name, Profenid) Generic name: Ketoprofen Why is Orudis embraced? Orudis, a nonsteroidal alleviating drug, is used to moderate the irritation, swelling, immovability, and joint torment joined with rheumatoid joint aggravation and osteoarthritis (the most broadly perceived sign of joint aggravation). It is also used to relieve tender to control throb, and menstrual anguish. Ketoprofen may similarly be used for purposes other than those recorded in this solution associate.

Quantity in a package
100 mg 20 tabs, Gel 2.5% 30 g, generic 100 mg 15 tabs, RTD 200 mg 20 Tabs
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Ketoprofen Profenid
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Ketoprofen Profenid