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Please consult your personal physician before taking any medication. Steroidal anti-inflammatory (Beclomethasone) Dosage form: Each g contains: Dipropionate beclomethasone ............................... 0.84 mg Additives: norflurane (propellant) ethanol (solvent) .................................. 1 g Each dose releases 50 micrograms of beclomethasone dipropionate Each g contains: Beclomethasone dipropionate ..... 1.69 mg Additives: norflurane (propellant) ethanol (solvent) .................................. 1 g Releases each dose of 100 micrograms of beclomethasone dipropionate INDICATIONS: Treatment of moderately severe or mild asthma. Anti-inflammatory east- roideo. Pharmacokinetics: Pharmacokinetics The pharmacokinetic profile of QVAR shows peak serum concentrations for the overall beclomethasone (BOH) (OH beclomethasone monopropionate wholly or beclomethasone dipropionate or a beclomethasone totalhidrolizado OH) is attained 30 minutes after administration of single and multiple doses. The value at the peak concentration is about 2 ng / ml after a total daily dose of 800 micrograms and serum levels after administration of 100 micrograms 200 and 400 are proportional. Beclomethasone dipropionate and its various metabolites are primarily excreted in the feces. Between 10 and 15% of an orally administered dose is excreted in the urine as free and conjugated metabolites of the drug. Pharmacokinetic studies with single and multiple doses a dose of 200 micrograms of QVAR reached full BOH levels comparable to a dose of 400 micrograms of beclomethasone dipropionate with CFC aerosol. This result provided the scientific justification to investigate whether lower total daily doses of QVAR achieve the same clinical effect. Pharmacodynamic studies in patients with mild asthma who received QVAR for 14 days have shown a linear correlation between urinary cortisol suppression administered dose and serum levels of Total BOH obtained. A single daily dose of 800 mg of QVAR the urinary free cortisol suppression was comparable to that observed with the same dose of beclomethasone dipropionate with CFC indicating wider safety margin since QVAR is administered at lower doses than the product CFC. Pharmacokinetics in children shows that the area under the curve (AUC) of 17-monopropionate administering 200 micrograms of beclomethasone dipropionate with QVAR Autohaler ABC is comparable to administer 400 micrograms of beclomethasone dipropionate with CFC using a holding chamber. Is proven efficacy of beclomethasone dipropionate administered by inhalation for the treatment of asthma. Beclomethasone is a synthetic glucocorticoid and exerts an anti-inflammatory topical bronchopulmonary tissues without significant systemic activity. Comparative clinical studies have shown that asthma patients treated with QVAR recover lung function and symptom control at total daily doses lower than with aerosol inhalers containing beclomethasone dipropionate CFC. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Hypersensitivity beclomethasone dipropionate or any of the components of the formula. Active or latent pulmonary tuberculosis. PRECAUTIONS: Caution should be exercised in patients who have received steroids systemic prolonged periods or high doses or both and which are transferred to an inhaled steroid therapy. The condition of the patient must be stable before receiving inhaled steroids in addition to the usual maintenance dose of systemic steroid. The suppression of systemic steroids should be gradual starting about seven days after initiation of treatment with QVAR. Most patients can be successfully transferred to inhaled steroid therapy but special care must be taken during the first months of the transfer until the patient can deal with emergencies such as trauma surgery or severe infections. Is important to provide these patients oral corticosteroids may need during periods of stress or in the case of obstruction of airway mucus or seriously compromised inhalation administration. The dose of inhaled steroids should be increased at this time and then go gradulamente reducing it to the level of maintenance once suppressed systemic steroid administration. QVAR should be administered on a regular basis even during asymptomatic periods. Once symptoms are controlled maintenance therapy with QVAR should be reduced gradually to the lowest effective dose. Treatment with beclomethasone dipropionate inhalation should not be stopped abruptly. Discontinuation of systemic steroids can cause exacerbation of allergic diseases such as atopic eczema and rhinitis to be treated as needed with topical therapy including corticosteroids and / or antihistamines. It is recommended to regularly monitor the height of pediatric patients who are under prolonged treatment with inhaled corticosteroids. If there is a delay in growth will be necessary to review the therapy to reduce the dose of inhaled corticosteroids if possible at the lowest dose at which effective control able to maintain asthma and analyze the possibility of referring to patient to a pediatric respiratory specialist. The patient should be instructed on the proper use of their inhaler including injuagarse mouth with water after each application. You should also advise the patient to QVAR may produce a sensation or taste different to that of a CFC inhaler. No indication QVAR management for immediate relief of asthma attacks or for the treatment of status asthmaticus.

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