Triyotex 75 mcg 30 caps (Cytomel)


Triyotex 75 mg - medication to treat hypothyroidism. The drug replaces the thyroid hormone and does not apply to anabolic, androgenic steroids. Another name of the drug is Cytomel and Liothyronine. The main active ingredient is Liothyronine sodium, which is similar in effect to the natural thyroid hormone - L-T3.

Medication to treat hypothyroidism is prescribed when the thyroid gland is exposed to radiation or has been surgically removed, as well as in the absence of hormone production. Maintaining T-3 at a normal level is necessary for good physical fitness, mental activity and well-being. Therapy with hormone T-3 is more effective than therapy with hormone T-4. Cytomel helps in the treatment of hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis.

Main action

Triyotex 75 mg (Cytomel) is used not only for the treatment of hypothyroidism, but also as an addition to physical exertion. The drug stimulates the metabolism, promotes accelerated processing of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. However, it should be noted that during normal operation of the thyroid gland, long-term use of Triyotex can lead to disruption of its function.

This medication to treat hypothyroidism is also used for increased fatigue, when the cause is the lack or poor hormone production. The effect after taking the drug is observed for 7-12 days.


Before buy сytomel in Mexico in our online pharmacy, consult your doctor about dosage. Standard treatment with Triyotex is 25 mg per day. The minimum dose of the drug - 5 mg per day, the maximum - 100 mg.

Cytomel can be used for children with a mandatory dose adjustment. It is necessary to begin treatment with a minimum dose, gradually increasing it until necessary.


This medication to treat hypothyroidism has contraindications: diabetes, heart failure. Do not use the drug if there is no dysfunction of the thyroid gland (as a drug for building muscle).

Side effects

You want to buy Cytomel in Mexico, but are worried about side effects? The drug practically does not cause side effects, if you properly observe the dosage and duration of the course. In rare cases, anxiety or stomach cramps may occur.

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