rn Benevolent advice your specialist before taking any pharmaceutical. Nonexclusive Name: metformin (met FOR min) Brand Names: Fortamet, Glucophage, Glucophage XR, Glumetza, Riomet What is metformin? Metformin is an oral diabetes tranquilize that helps control glucose levels. Metformin is for people with sort 2 (non-insulin-subordinate) diabetes. Metformin is as a less than dependable rule used as a piece of mixwith insulin or distinctive medications, be that as it may it is not for treating sort 1 diabetes. Metformin may similarly be used for purposes other than those recorded in this pharmaceutical helper.

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Dabex XR 750 mg 30 tabs, Dabex 1000 mg 30 Tabs, Dabex 500 mg 60 tabs, Generic 850 mg 30 Tabs, Generic 500mg 60 Tabs, XR Dabex XR 500 mg 30 Tabs
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