Resteral Sertraline

rn Please consult your physician before taking any medication. THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS: Sertralina is indicated for the treatment of the symptoms of the depression, including the depression accompanied by anxiety symptoms, in patients with or without odd habit antecedents. After obtaining a satisfactory answer, he has been effective to continue the treatment with sertralina, as much in the prevention of the relapse of the initial episode like in the occurrence of new depressive episodes. Sertralina is indicated for the treatment of the obsessive-compulsive upheaval (TOC). Once obtained the initial answer with sertralina, its use for the treatment of the obsessive-compulsive upheavals has been able to be related to effectiveness, security and tolerabilidad until by 2 years. Other indications: Treatment of TOC in paediatrics. Treatment of upheavals of the panic, with or without agoraphobia. Treatment of the upheaval of post-traumatic stress (TEPT). Treatment of the social phobia or upheaval of social anxiety. Sertralina may also be used for purposes other than those listed here.

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Resteral Sertraline
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Resteral Sertraline